"World History - The unvarnished truth" at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress, Uppsala

Title:- World History - The unvarnished truth

Venue:- Uppsala Konsert & Kongress, Besöksadress: Vaksala torg 1, Uppsala, Sweden

Show Name:- World History - The unvarnished truth

Host:- Lifeline Entertainment

Artists:- Özz Nûjen and Måns Möller

Date & Time:- Friday August 27th, 2021 at 06:30pm to 8:00pm

Show Description:-

Sweden’s funniest history lesson has now become the WORLD’s funniest!
Sweden’s most dynamic and entertaining comedian duo Özz Nûjen and Måns Möller invite us on a new journey back in time. After almost 80,000 people made a pilgrimage to concert halls and theaters through our elongated country to laugh their way through “Sweden’s History - the naked truth”, Özz Nûjen and Måns Möller now return with the performance “World history - the unvarnished truth”!

Welcome to a 90-minute stand-up show where you will both laugh your lip off and learn a lot about human history and maybe even a little about yourself. We will see and hear both expected and unexpected stories about us and our world, for example why for the first time in world history more people die of obesity than of hunger.

URL:- Världens Historia - Den osminkade sanningen, Uppsala Konsert & Kongress, August 27 2021 | AllEvents.in