"Warsaw - Stand-up Comedy Gala" at Warsaw, Poland

Title:- Warsaw - Stand-up Comedy Gala

Venue:- COS Torwar, ul. , Łazienkowska 6a, Warsaw, Poland

Show Name:- Warsaw - Stand-up Comedy Gala

Host:- Rafał Rutkowski and Wiolka Walaszczyk

Artists:- Rafał Rutkowski,Wiolka Walaszczyk, Mateusz Socha, Piotr Zola Szulowski

Date & Time:- Tue, May 04 2021, at 8PM-9:45PM

Show Description:-

The most sought-after comedians in Poland have gathered in a wild group and are going to smoke all of Poland! Polish stand-up stars will perform for you in the largest venues: Wiolka Walaszczyk, Mateusz Socha, Piotr Zola Szulowski, Paweł Chałupka, Michał Leja and Piotr Szumowski, and the whole event will be led by Rafał Rutkowski.

There is a huge challenge ahead of you: you will have to be able to stay in your seats for two hours while new jokes, unpublished material that the comedians have prepared especially for this tour will be thrown at you from the stage! See you at the show!

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