"Véronique Gallo" "Woman of Life" at Brussels

Title:- "Véronique Gallo" "Woman of Life"

Venue:- Centre Culturel de Seraing,Rue R. Strivay, 44, 4100 Seraing, Belgium

Show Name:- "Véronique Gallo" "Woman of Life"

Host:- Centre Culturel de Seraing

Artists:- Véronique Gallo

Date & Time:- Friday, 26 February 2021 from 20:00-23:00

Show Description:-
:point_right: “Woman of life”
:sparkles: Véronique Gallo’s new one woman show

After more than 250 dates in Belgium :belgium:, in France :fr: and in Switzerland après, after several months sold out in Paris, 4 Forum de Liège, 1 Casino de Paris, 2 Cirque Royal in Brussels.
Thibaut, Martin, Camille and Mathilde have grown up, Bertrand is still Bertrand, the long-awaited balance seems finally reached and we can be delighted to have all the panoply of our dreams as young girls and to generally master all the upheavals related to the maternity … and yet … Suddenly, the body sends out funny signals, boredom and fed up set in and the real questioning arises …
Who have we really become? What have we done with our aspirations? What do you do with weariness and doubts in a lasting relationship? How do we continue to move forward when all the walls in our lives gradually crumble and our certainties falter in the face of children’s questions?

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