Tungevaag & Raaban (SWE) / 13.12 / Helitehas

Title:- Tungevaag & Raaban (SWE) / 13.12 / Helitehas

Venue:- Helitehas
Madara 22a, 10613 Tallinn, Estonia

Show Name:- Tungevaag & Raaban (SWE) / 13.12 / Helitehas

Host:- AR Events/Muul/HUGO P/Helitehas

Artists:- Tungevaag & Raaban, Martin/Robbin Söderlund

Date & Time:- Friday, December 13, 2019 at 11 PM – 5 AM

Show Description:- TUNGEVAAG & RAABAN December 13th at the Sound Factory!

Tungevaag & Raaban, Martin Tungevaag with Norwegian roots and Robbin Söderlund of Swedish origin, is a musical duo consisting of two talented Nordic producers. The men have been together for several good years and their main genre is electronic dance music. The biggest breakthrough is considered to be the release of “Samsara” in 2015, which brought the boys both a Grammy nomination and over 300 million downloads on spotify.

URL:- https://www.facebook.com/events/558382134917249/