TSH Open Mic Comedy Night!


TSH Open Mic Comedy Night


225 Willem Ruyslaan,Rotterdam,3063 ER,NL

Show Name:

TSH Open Mic Comedy Night



Date & Time:

NOV 28 AT 3 AM – NOV 28 AT 5 AM UTC+08

Show Description:

Local comedians bring their news jokes and bring us a full night of well deserved laughter. Ticket includes your first drink! 😉

Rotterdam has itself a night of hilarity, as we’re having a comedy night at The Student Hotel! A handful of comedians are visiting us during our open mic, so don’t miss it! It’s a free show, but we only have 40 seats, so be quick to make a reservation!


Greg Shapiro
Comedian. American. Dutchman. (And the voice of Trump in the ‘Netherlands Second’ video with over 50 million views online.) You may know him from Boom Chicago, Comedy Central, BNR, VPRO, ZDF, or from his YouTube show ‘United States of Europe.’ Shapiro spent his first 25 years in Chicago, studying theater at Northwestern University. In 1994, he came to the Netherlands to work for Boom Chicago comedy theater and inadvertently help trigger a Dutch comedy boom that produced Comedy Train, Comedy Cafe and De Lama’s. In 2007 Shapiro became a Dutch TV host on Comedy Central News ‘because Dutch news is news too.’ He has appeared on Dutch television shows such as GTST & ONM. And he has worked with BNR fm, Time Out Amsterdam, BNN/VARA HumorTV, and VPRO – where he helped Zondag met Lubach win the Dutch Televizier Ring. Greg lives in Amsterdam with his artist wife Inez. He has two bilingual children and a Black Labrador who will lick you if she gets the chance. He recently bought a small barn in France with a big hole in the roof.

Sjoerd Scott
Don’t let his name fool you, he might be the only Sjoerd in the world who’s not Dutch! The young Martinique comedian is quickly taking the over the stages across the country, with his fresh and friendly style of comedy that catches you off-guard with his vivid demeanour and dry wit.

Kraai du Toit
Kraai has been doing comedy since 2014. Although he started out as a web developer he slowly moved up the ranks in comedy to perform with some of the Worlds best Comedians. With a mix of one-liners and storytelling and a slight twist of crazy, hee keeps the audiences on the edge of their seats with laughter! Kraai shared the stage alongside famous comedians like Trevor Noah, Mel Muller, John Vlismas, Kagiso Lediga, Joey Rasdien and many more He appeared on the Dan Nichol Show twice; and has been featured on Jacaranda FM, 94.7, Fix FM and Cliff Central. Kraai is also the Proud owner of the domain and online magazine SAComedian .

Aleksandr Pereverzev
Aleksandr Pereverzev is a Georgian comedian based in Netherlands. He pretends to be a scientist to get a residence permit and perform standup all over the Europe. Razor sharp whit, and cleverly written jokes, Aleks is always an audience favorite. Tried political jokes in neutral Switzerland, jokes about religion in radically orthodox Georgia, and decided to give his comedy career a dizzying takeoff by moving to Nijmegen… (Razor sharp whit my ass…)
Let his fans’ words speak for him!
“Very funny, but dressed up like a bum!” - his mum
“I love him! The day he blew his brains out with a shotgun is the worst day of my life! Wait… Who? Aleks?.. Never heard of… Has he shot himself?” - any Curt Cobain fan
“%;{|,=)’?(_%[*!!={’|”!^;’%>=%" - R2D2

Nira Tal
Nira is a comedian. She is originally from Israel but living in The Netherlands long enough to know better. She is a mother, a wife and occasionally employed. She believes that mediocrity is also an art form.

Arbi el Ayachi
Having first gained notoriety for his recurring role os the ethnic comedian on the Dutch and Belgian comedy scene, Arbi developed a comedic style of unresolved angst that has made him a regular with national and international crowds, mainly therapists. He draws his material from raw life experience with an uninformed and original outlook.

Hermes Ahmadi
The host of the evening, Hermes has always been fascinated by human behaviour, so he decided to study sociology. When he found out humanity is even weirder than science can explain, the logical step for Hermes was to become a comedian. But let’s be honest, he himself isn’t normal either, with his weird diet and hitch-hiking habits!