"The YesFinland Podcast" by Trent Pancy

Podcast:- "The YesFinland Podcast"
Host:- Trent Pancy
Country:- FINLAND

Short Description:-
The YesFinland Podcast explores the comedy industry in Finland and beyond.Host Trent Pancy has conversations with comedians, improvisers, writers and anyone else who impacts the Finnish Entertainment scene, where they discuss what it takes to be a part of the budding world of Finnish comedy.

Website URL:- https://yesfinland.com/yesfinlandpodcast/

(a) Markus Kaustell Talks About Trying to Make Improv a Business
URL:- https://player.fm/series/the-yesfinland-podcast-2434168/markus-kaustell-talks-about-trying-to-make-improv-a-business

(b) Reeta Annala Talks About Teaching Improv in Finland
URL:- https://player.fm/series/the-yesfinland-podcast-2434168/reeta-annala-talks-about-teaching-improv-in-finland
© Kate Limani Talks About Being A Foreign Improviser in Finland
URL:- https://player.fm/series/the-yesfinland-podcast-2434168/kate-limani-talks-about-being-a-foreign-improviser-in-finland