"THE OPERA LOCOS" at Théâtre Bobino, Paris

Title:- "THE OPERA LOCOS" at Théâtre Bobino, Paris

Venue:- Théâtre Bobino
14-20 rue de la Gaîté, 75014 Paris, France

Show Name:- “THE OPERA LOCOS” at Théâtre Bobino, Paris

Host:- Théâtre Bobino, Paris

Artists:- Five diva opera singers/Comics

Date & Time:- 23rd/24th/26th Sept 2021 at 7pm onwards

Show Description:-

Translated into The Opera of Crazies, this show is called The Opera Locos for a reason! Five diva opera singers have come together to ignite interest amongst visitors in the crowd, freshly combining classic opera with trendy pop and rock songs most popular to this generation.

The program is dynamic, in addition to an unexpected back story expressed through contemporary vocal music, the artists also seem to have a special effect on the audience when it comes to humor. They really know how to make the crowd burst out in laughter! The characters big egos will land them in unthinkable situations, each hiding a secret passion for the other, audience members will soon realize the desperate desires revealed by each cast member on stage. Some of the greatest pieces by Mozart, Puccini, Offenbach, and many other composers will be perceived during the show. A tale of 5 crazy characters you won’t regret experiencing, once you witness one show, you won’t mind attending another.

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