"The Comedian's Comedian" with Stuart Goldsmith

Podcast Name:- "The Comedian’s Comedian with Stuart Goldsmith"
Hosted by :- Stuart Goldsmith

Some Guest on the Show:- Russell Brand, Stewart Lee and Patton Oswalt

Short Description:- “The Comedian’s Comedian with Stuart Goldsmith” is an interview podcast, in which Stuart Goldsmith interviews comedians about the craft of writing and performing standup comedy.

Website URL :- https://www.comedianscomedian.com/

Some Episodes:-
(a) 301 - Simon Brodkin
URL:- https://media.acast.com/thecomedianscomedianpodcast/301-simonbrodkin/media.mp3
(b) Episode 300 - Stuart Goldsmtih
URL :- https://media.acast.com/thecomedianscomedianpodcast/300-stuartgoldsmith/media.mp3
© Episode 299 - Sam Jay
URL :- https://media.acast.com/thecomedianscomedianpodcast/299-samjay/media.mp3
(d) Episode 298 - Nick Revell
URL:- https://media.acast.com/thecomedianscomedianpodcast/298-nickrevell/media.mp3