"The Blindboy Podcast" at Waterfront & Ulster Hall, Belfast

Title:- The Blindboy Podcast

Venue:- Waterfront & Ulster Hall, 2 Lanyon Pl, Belfast BT1 3WH, U.K

Show Name:- The Blindboy Podcast

Host:- Waterfront & Ulster Hall

Artists:- The Blindboy

Date & Time:- 19 October 2021, 7:30pm onwards

Show Description:-

Blindboy returns to the Ulster Hall, Belfast on 19 October 2021 to deliver more mind-altering, courageous, yet bonkers views in The Blindboy Podcast.

Blindboy’s increased notability away from his band Rubberbandits, has allowed for him to explore wider avenues. With a number one selling book under his belt and a podcast that has reached interest not only in Ireland but internationally, the satirist could possibly single-handedly change people’s mind set on mental health and the deafening stigma it surrounds.

His latest innovative creation, The Blindboy Podcast does not only indoctrinates mental health issues but reaches further into a wide spectrum of current topics, may it be gun laws, feminism, racism or a bit of history. Blindboy has it covered.

URL:- Blindboy Podcast | 19 October 2021 | Ulster Hall