"TFF: Oleg Denisov, Russian Troll" on 14th Dec,2019

Title:- TFF: Oleg Denisov, Russian Troll

Venue:- Heldeke! · Tööstuse 13, Tallinn, Estonia

Show Name:- TFF: Oleg Denisov, Russian Troll

Host:- Oleg Denisov

Artists:- Oleg Denisov

Date & Time:- Sat, 14th Dec,2019 at 7–8 pm

Show Description:- StandUp : English : 60min

Days of myths, fairy tales and privacy are gone. We know all the data, now how do we live with each other? And can people actually build a life together based on anything else than shared delusions? Russia’s Fringe veteran of political comedy and philosopher by training, Oleg, presents a new show about fake news and freedom of speech, magical realism and transitional capitalism, global politics and dysfunctional relationships.
Oleg Denisov is a Moscow-based satirical comedian, Russia’s most experienced
international stand-up, and philosopher by training.

URL:- https://fienta.com/tff-oleg-denisov-russian-troll-5341