"TFF: Giant dwarf Show" on 9th Dec at Heldeke!

Title:- "TFF: Giant dwarf Show" on 9th Dec at Heldeke!

Tööstuse 13, Tallinn, Estonia

Show Name:- “TFF: Giant dwarf Show” on 9th Dec at Heldeke!

Host:- Fringe Estonia OÜ/Heldeke!

Artists:- Semjon Alonov

Date & Time:- Mon, 9 Dec,2019 at 9:00 – 9:30 pm

Show Description:- Who this Semjon? A random guy, who sees something funny in every situation. It is his first solo stand-up comedy show. Bad language, interesting body parts, unpredictable moments and smart talk - all of this can be heard, when Semjon is on stage. If you have a feeling that you really want to hear this dude joking, then make sure to check out the show

5€ or “Pay what You want” at the doors

URL:- https://fienta.com/tff-giant-dwarf-5383