Teo, Vio si Costel @ Aria TNB

Title:- Teo, Vio si Costel @ Aria TNB

Venue:- Aria TNB, Bd. Nicolae Bălcescu nr. 2, 010051 Bucharest, Romania

Show Name:- Teo, Vio si Costel @ Aria TNB

Host:- Aria TNB/Club 99/ Costel/Artitude

Artists:- Teo, Vio and Costel

Date & Time:- Saturday, 25 July 2020 from 22:00-00:00

Show Description:- The humor group Trupa Deko formed by Teo, Vio and Costel will support a series of 20 anniversary performances on the ARYA terrace inside the Bucharest National Theater, more precisely its terrace. Coincidentally or not, TNB is the place where the stand up comedy phenomenon started, which has been enjoying ticket payers since 2003.

We will follow exactly the safety measures, because what is more important is that we are all healthy

URL:- https://www.facebook.com/events/889138504912672/