Stelios Oriolitis (stand up comedy) - Pill

Title:- Stelios Oriolitis (stand up comedy) - Pill

Venue:- ELIART Theater
127 Constantinople, Votanikos - Gazi, 104 47 Athens, Greece

Show Name:- Stelios Oriolitis (stand up comedy) - Pill

Host:- Stelios Anatolitis

Artists:- Stelios Anatolitis

Date & Time:- Dec 4, 2019 - Feb 5, 2020 at 9:15PM onwards (10 Dates)

Show Description:- Stelios Oriolitis comes to the Eliart Theater with his “Pill”, his new solo performance. At the same time, he takes his pills, because otherwise he will not survive.

A show about the above pounds, science, depression, psychotropic drugs, and all the things he should discuss with a psychologist. Who does that too, but why not do it publicly?

Darker than the “Fairy Battles”, he relies on personal experiences and incidents to bring out anything that seems illogical and oppressive. Also, they are too funny and we don’t know if you can afford it. (okay, we’re also writing an exaggeration so that no one can sell a ticket and pay us) and no one should lose it because we have the right to pay.

Start time: 21:15