Title:- STANDUP STAR COMEDY CLUB med Viktor Engberg

Venue:- Hörnet Götgatan 63 - Åsögatan 111 (Vid Bio Victoria)
Hjärtligt välkomna!

Show Name:- STANDUP STAR COMEDY CLUB med Viktor Engberg

Host:- Viktor Engberg/Hörnet Götgatan 63

Artists:- Viktor Engberg

Date & Time:- FRIDAY 4 OCTOBER 2019 20:00 & 5th Oct,2019 at 8PM onwards

Show Description:- Every Friday and Saturday there is a laughing party at Standup Star Comedy Club, at the luxurious Restaurant Södra Sällskapet in the middle of Södermalm in Stockholm.
Experience a full evening with international and Swedish comedians in the cool New York inspired Standup Club where Magnus Betnér, Al Pitcher, Shan Atci, Petra Mede, Aziz Ansari, Björn Gustafsson, Kodjo Akolor and others. appeared earlier.
The standup show is about 2 hours long with a break of 15 minutes. After the Show, the evening continues with a party at the bar with DJ and super good cocktails.
Come and enjoy a good bit of food and drink from our delicious menu, in our food package you can combine 3 dishes (Italian Tapas) plus dessert from the menu.