Stand up in English


Stand up in English


Palmotićeva 22/2 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Show Name:

Stand up in English


Sax Klub Hrvatskih Glazbenika


Date & Time:

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 24, 2021 AT 3:30 AM UTC+08

Show Description:

Join us for some laugh!

On 23rd of December 5 local comedians will perform in English for any and all English speaking folks that come to our club. Lenght of the show will approx. be 90 minutes. The topics will vary from comedian to comedian but we are sure every single one will make you laugh.

Bring your friends, order some drinks and have a merry good time.

Here are the comedians that will share theirs stories and perform the “best of” material for you on that single night.

Pedja Bajović - Montenegrin born, Serbian raised, I spent most of his adult life in Bosnia Herzegovina and am now a citizen of Croatia; in a nutshell – a Yugoslav. The Mohicans are long gone, these guys are next!

Aleks Curać Šarić - Performed all over Europe and my jokes about I fail in life are always relatable to everyone over 30 and especially to those who aren’t. It’s all about my relationships and how I find everyday thing such a mystery.

Martin Rosner - I love to entertain others. It means I didn’t get enough attention as a kid.

Saša Turković - My performances are quite laid-back, yet quite dynamic; he skillfully transitions from one subject to the other meanwhile not disregarding the taste nor the subject of not only the younger audience but also the older one which will relate to many of the happenstances which Saša has found himself in and at which he finds himself laughing heartily.

Goran Vugrinec - I have been sailing the rough waters of stand-up comedy for the last 12 years. My jokes are embodiment of my life, scars of my survival in this world. I find funny stuff in everyday problems, relationships and puckers and turn them into something even more funnier.

Come see LAJNAP comedy any day of the week in Klub Sax.