Stand-up comedy: Piotr ZOLA Szulowski | Poznań 3

Title:- Stand-up comedy: Piotr ZOLA Szulowski | Poznań 3

Venue:- TROPS Akademickie Centrum Kultury, ul. Św. Rocha 9, 61-142 Poznan, Poland, Poznan, Poland

Show Name:- Stand-up comedy: Piotr ZOLA Szulowski | Poznań 3

Host:- TROPS Akademickie Centrum Kultury/Piotr ZOLA Szulowski

Artists:- Piotr ZOLA Szulowski

Date & Time:- Tue Jan 28 2020 at 07:00 pm to 09:00 pm

Show Description:- hype-art management invites you to an excellent STAND-UP evening in your city, which is visited by a phenomenal soul ringer - Piotr Zola Szulowski.

?? Piotr Zola Szulowski - unfulfilled football talent. Had it not been for sport, he probably would never have recognized … the taste of alcohol. A very close friend of Miśek Koterski, at least, say so on the street, two-time finalist of Antrakt Stand Up Festival 2016 and 2017 - the largest Stand-up Festival in Poland.

One of the pillars of the NEW DEAL stand-up tour, which along the side of Kacper Ruciński has traveled the whole country. He also guest starred on the largest stand-up STAND-UP SHOW alongside such comedians as Rafał Pacześ, Lotek, Katarzyna Piasecka and the entire forefront of Polish comedy.