Stand-Up Comedy: Open Mic Night

Title:- Stand-Up Comedy: Open Mic Night

Venue:- Fun Times, Zagreb, Croatia, Zagreb, Croatia

Show Name:- Stand-Up Comedy: Open Mic Night

Host:- Fun Times, Zagreb,

Artists:- Open Mic Night

Date & Time:- Mon Dec 02 2019 at 08:30 am to 10:30 am

Show Description:- Join us for the winter edition of the open mic night in Vinyl!
The stage in the basement of Bogoviceva 3 will be climbed every month by amateur comedians, comedians on the rise, and best of all - you can too!

The evening of the open mic is an opportunity for comedians to brush their materials in front of an audience, gather experience on the stage and take off after the first round of applause.
Talk to a friend who thinks it’s funny to prove yourself behind the microphone or else sign up and be the next star! How much can there be in Croatia …