Stand-up comedy - Bartosz Zalewski & Tomek Kołecki

Title:- Stand-up comedy - Bartosz Zalewski & Tomek Kołecki

Venue:- BaRock Club, Wielka 9, 61-774 Poznan, Poland, Poznan, Poland

Show Name:- Stand-up comedy - Bartosz Zalewski & Tomek Kołecki

Host:- Bartosz Zalewski & Tomek Kołecki/BaRock Club

Artists:- Bartosz Zalewski & Tomek Kołecki

Date & Time:- Wed Nov 13 2019 at 08:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Show Description:- Bartosz Zalewski - The sixth solo program of Bartosz Zalewski will contain all the current elements, i.e. sounds arranged into words, and these into sentences. There may also be some new elements, the so-called songwriter, elements of the Philippine escrima and a typical driveway to the goodie.
The working title of this stand-up material is: INSERT YOUR OWN NAME HERE.
Entertainment for everyone, at its discretion.

Tomek Kołecki - Tomek Kołecki - one of the best young comedians. Born in '97, on stage since 2013. He has traveled all over Poland and some Europe with his performances. You could also see him on TV shows such as «Adult Only» TVP2, «Comedy Club» Comedy Central or «Kuba Wojewódzki» TVN. He won 4 editions of the Antrakt Stand-up festival thanks to which he could perform in such locations as the Warsaw Torwar, Katowice Spodek or Gdańsk Ergo Arena. For two years he co-created the Simply Stand-Up project. He is currently developing his original project Please stand-up.