Stand-up at the point: Piotrek Szumowski "Enzymy i Pioruny"

Title:- Stand-up at the point: Piotrek Szumowski "Enzymy i Pioruny"

Venue:- Klub Komediowy , Puenta, Kolejowa, 8/10, 01-210 Warsaw, Poland

Show Name:- Stand-up at the point: Piotrek Szumowski “Enzymy i Pioruny”

Host:- Klub Komediowy

Artists:- Piotrek Szumowski

Date & Time:- Tue Apr 13 2021 at 11:30 pm to Apr 14 2021 01:00 am

Show Description:- We are loved with you. We are facing a difficult political and health condition in the country. After all, we do not want to lose and abandon the development of the stand-up culture, which we have been dealing with for 7 years, so as long as the law allows us to function as a cultural center, we plan to act and conduct comedy activities.
Hang on guys, and whoever wants to relax a bit and spend some time during performances at the Puenta Comedy Club, we invite you to participate in the series: The Last Point Before Lockdown.
Piotrek Szumowski - Comedian Around the World, Półczłowiek, Półgłówek, comedian, author, polymath, dancer, not a warrior. He has traveled thousands of kilometers, hundreds of written punch lines and a smile worth a million words (How is that smile behind? On the back of the head or what?). Before you and you: a new program!
Enzymes and Lightning began with a question.

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