Sold out: Roué Verveer - Covid A Tori

Title:- Sold out: Roué Verveer - Covid A Tori

Venue:- Comedy Club Haug, Boompjeskade 11, 3011 XE Rotterdam, Netherlands

Show Name:- Sold out: Roué Verveer - Covid A Tori

Host:- Comedy Club Haug, Roue Verveer and PUURee

Artists:- Roue Verveer and PUURee

Date & Time:- Sunday, 9 August 2020 from 20:00-21:00pm

Show Description:- Roué Verveer comes in this special Corona time with a Surinamese spoken stand-up comedy special called Covid-A-Tori! We cannot go on holiday to Suriname this summer and Roué cannot do his shows in the theater. And that is unusual. Unusual situations require creative solutions. Covid-A-Tori is a show, this time not in a theater, but in a smaller intimate location.

That fatu is here and with Roué Verveer! Come and laugh at everything he has experienced in recent months and also support the charity. Roué donates part of his income to poor people in Suriname who have been hit hard by the Corona crisis.