Silné Reči vs. Gabo Žifčák

Title:- Silné Reči vs. Gabo Žifčák

Venue:- Luna Bar - Hotel Kyjev
Rajská 2, 81108 Bratislava, Slovakia

Show Name:- Silné Reči vs. Gabo Žifčák

Host:- SILNÉ REČI stand-up comedy show/ Luna Bar - Hotel Kyjev/Jakub Gulik/Joe Trendy

Artists:- Speaker:
Gabo Žifčák (victim)
Jakub Gulik (Roastmaster)
Jakub Lužina Humorbot 3000
Simona stand-up comedy
Matej Adama Comedy
Joe Trendy

Date & Time:- Wednesday, December 11, 2019 at 8 PM – 10 PM

Show Description:-
Introducing the new Strong Speech VS show.

In this comedy roast, a well-known personality sits on a hot chair as a victim and will have to bear jokes on his own account from five roasters who will not leave the thread dry and the error overlooked.

In the second edition of this show, the comedian will become the world champion in anything related to the pine tree, Church leader Witnesses Liehovovii, the wind-beaten boy from the Tatras, one of the longest-standing stand-up comedians in the STRONGEST Speech stand-up comedy show. but wider half of the successful podcast Lužifčák - Gabo Žifčák.