Ruutu10 Improv Night

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Ruutu10 Improv Night



Show Name:

Ruutu10 Improv Night




Date & Time:

JAN 6, 2023 AT 2 AM – JAN 6, 2023 AT 4 AM UTC+08

Show Description:

Our performers will bring to you an unique comedy show that will never happen again. They will be performing just for you and they are here to cheer you up with the unknown, where anything could happen and the audience is always our hero.
An evening full of joy, laughter, and amusement:
Ruutu10 is presenting you their variety shows in English.
Everything is made up on the spot and with the help of you.
Ticket price: Pay What You Want.
Line up:

  • Kahe Vahel
  • Starve Trek
  • Suhtepundar
  • Barprov team

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