Rūdolfs Kugrēns Comedy Evening "Kugrēns.zip" // Riga

Title:- Rūdolfs Kugrēns Comedy Evening “Kugrēns.zip” // Riga

Venue:- Autentika, Bruņinieku iela 2, Riga, Latvia-1010

Show Name:- Rūdolfs Kugrēns Comedy Evening “Kugrēns.zip” // Riga

Host:- Comedy Latvia/Autentika/Rudolf Kugren

Artists:- Rudolf Kugren

Date & Time:- 6 August,2020 at 19:00 – 20:00 hours·

Show Description:- Comedian Rudolf Kugren offers his best selection of jokes this summer - stand up comedy evening “Kugren.zip”! In the hour-long program - a bit from the archive, a bit from the show “How to take it”, a bit from a brand new, but definitely - Kugren in his purest form.
There is nothing better than laughter in person, so “Kugrēns.zip” Rūdolfs has “accumulated” the best of himself and will travel to the most cozy cultural places and bars in Latvia.

URL:- https://www.facebook.com/events/573761690195181/