PUNCH UP Comedy: Hecklers' Standup in English


PUNCH UP Comedy: Hecklers’ Standup in English


Skalitzer Strasse 80 10997 Berlin, Germany

Show Name:

PUNCH UP Comedy: Hecklers’ Standup in English


Space Meduza


Date & Time:

SEP 18 AT 1:30 AM UTC+08 – SEP 18 AT 4 AM UTC+08

Show Description:

Ever wanted to fight back at a comedy show? Comedians say outrageous shit and you just have to take it BUT NOT AT PUNCH UP COMEDY! Shout back! Roast them! Flirt! Do you and do it LOUD. Get your war paint. Get on your punching gloves and get ready for a rowdy af comedy show to remember.

ROUND 1: Standard standup comedy. 4 comedians do their sets and we play nice.

ROUND 2: Hecklers’ rules. Same comedians do their thing. When the bell rings after their 1st minute, DING DING LET IT RIP!

TICKETS: 7€ - reserve online or cash on the door
Entry requires a negative test result, full vaccination or valid covid recovery proof.

Doors: 19:30
Show starts: 20:30
Show ends: 22:00

Hosted and produced by Anna Beros and Christoph Schmid

PUNCH UP Comedy does not promote bad behaviour. Good comedy punches up at those with power, not down at those without. But it’s still gonna get messy.