Problem, by Kostas Maliatsis

Title:- Problem, by Kostas Maliatsis

Venue:- Λοσάντζελε
Κορυζή 4, 11743 Athens, Greece

Show Name:- Problem, by Kostas Maliatsis

Host:- Los Angeles Comedy Club

Artists:- Kostas Maliatsis/Lydia Papaioannou/Spilios Floros

Date & Time:- Nov 27 at 9:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Show Description:- And on Wednesdays they got a PRESENT for November, because we have a serious ‘’ Problem ‘’ and something needs to be done !!

Costas Maliatsis Salas performs for the first time in Athens after 7 years of stand up comedy.
He comes to the scene with his new show “Problem”, as in his 30s, he discovered that this is his middle name!
Joining him for the first time is our beloved and well known comedian Lydia Papaioannou and her new stand up comedy talent, Spilios Floros, for the first time.
whole and 1.50 on stage!
We are waiting for you there!