"Pieter Verelst - Amai" at Arenberg, Antwerp, Belgium

Title:- Pieter Verelst - Amai

Venue:- Arenberg, Arenbergstraat 28, Antwerp, Belgium

Show Name:- Pieter Verelst - Amai

Host:- Pieter Verelst

Artists:- Pieter Verelst

Date & Time:- Thu May 6 2021 at 7:15 pm to 10:30 pm

Show Description:- Pieter Verelst - Amai

Comedian and actor Pieter Verelst faces the world with rock-hard positivism, crazy sketches and moving reflections. After winning Cameretten 2016, he toured the Netherlands and Belgium with his successful debut performance ‘My brother and I’.

His performance ‘Amai’ is again full of his typical humor and musical discoveries. He zooms in on his generation, materialism, love, relationships and fear. Because dear. It is all something.

Tickets: € 15.5 / € 12.5

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