Petrina Solange - Now I am here / Stockholm, Scalateatern

Title:- Petrina Solange - Now I am here / Stockholm, Scalateatern

Venue:- Scalateatern i Stockholm, Wallingatan 32-34, 11124 Stockholm, Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden

Show Name:- Petrina Soleange - Now I am here / Stockholm, Scalateatern

Host:- Monstera

Artists:- Petrina Solange

Date & Time:- Friday Nov 12, 2021 at 08:30pm to 11:00pm

Show Description:-
Due to the current situation, we have to move the show to 12 NOVEMBER 2021. Purchased tickets are valid until this new date. Take care of each other as long as we meet! :heart:
Ask anyone who has some control over the Swedish stand-up scene and everyone will answer the same thing. No one is more fun than Petrina Solange. But ever since the start of her career, Petrina has still made the audience long.
Petrina is a multiple award-winning comedian and an obvious audience favorite regardless of the city or the choice of subject she talks about on stage. With the performance “Now I’m here”, she now embarks on her first tour of Sweden with her very own performance.

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