Perfect? show by Anders Andresen

Title:- Perfect? show by Anders Andresen

Venue:- Comedy Zoo, Knabrostræde 19, 1208 Copenhagen

Show Name:- Perfect? show by Anders Andresen

Host:- Comedy Zoo/Anders Andresen

Artists:- Anders Andresen

Date & Time:- Tuesday, 29 September 2020 from 20:00-21:00

Show Description:-
“Perfect?” is a fun and different magic show, where Anders with the influence of the audience puts together a hopefully perfect magic show. Prepare for visual and mysterious magic, brain-twisting and annoyingly good magic as well as silly and slap-on-the-thigh magic, in Anders’ 3rd solo show “Perfect?”

In 2017 he made the show “Diabetic”, and in 2015 he made the show “The Truth About Magic”. In addition, he has made the show “Medicine and Magic” with the medical comedian Andreas Hoff. Anders is not a classic magician with a high hat, colorful cloak and dusty illusions. Instead you are a young comedy magician who with dexterity and humor delivers a different kind of entertainment.

NOTE: Age limit min. 15 years