Pančlajn (performance added) KC Danube ~

Title:- Pančlajn (performance added) KC Danube ~

Venue:- Kultúrne centrum Dunaj
Nedbalova 435/3, Bratislava, Slovakia

Show Name:- Pančlajn (performance added) KC Danube ~

Host:- PANČLAJN Stand-Up Comedy Show

Artists:- Michael Szatmary/Gabo Žifčák/Daniel Čistý

Date & Time:- Wednesday, December 18, 2019 at 5 PM – 7 PM

Show Description:- For great interest, we are adding one more generous stand-up! Obedient reassiders, but also naughty punters, he puts Michael Szatmary, Gabo Žifčák, Daniel Čistý, Matej Adámy, Joe and Trendy, Simon and Sam Trnka into the diaphragm of laughter. Alternative carols are played by musician Tomáš Sloboda. :microphone::rofl::santa:

Michael Szatmary
It is a well-known stand-up lolly whose flavor gradually increases. Come unpack it and have a nice time in your diaphragms.

Gabo Žifčák
This exquisite stand-up chocolate bar laughs well for the first taste, but if you let it dissolve on stage for a while, it will arrive at the top quality of your humor.

Daniel Čistý
Kindervajíčko, which always carries some interesting point. Come to bury him, you will lose a lot of humor.

URL:- Pančlajn (pridané predstavenie) | KC Dunaj~