"OPEN MIC NIGHT Stand Up Comedy" at Milan,Italy

Title:- "OPEN MIC NIGHT Stand Up Comedy" at Milan,Italy

**Venue:-Gogol & Company
Via Savona, 101, Milano MI, Italy

Show Name:- “OPEN MIC NIGHT Stand Up Comedy” at Milan,Italy

Host:- Gogol & Company

Artists:- Gogol & Company/Elisa Benedetta Marinoni

Date & Time:- Thursday, Nov,21 at 7PM onwards

Show Description:-
Gogol and Company opens the microphones at the STAND UP COMEDY with OPEN MIC NIGHT
Now the Stand Up Comedy arrives from Gogol & Company for a monthly open microphone appointment organized in collaboration with Elisa Benedetta Marinoni.

URL:- https://secure.latest.facebook.com/events/352034699057364/?event_time_id=352034709057363