Midlife Crisis - Comedy | Sežana

Title:- Midlife Crisis - Comedy | Sežana - Last Tickets!

Venue:- Celjski Dom, Krekov trg 3, 3000 Celje, Velenje, Slovenia

Show Name:- Midlife Crisis - Comedy | Sežana - Last Tickets!

Host:- Spas teater and Kosovel’s home of Sežana

Artists:- Ranko Babic & Nova Komedia

Date & Time:- Sat Nov 23 2019 at 08:00 pm to 09:30 pm

Show Description:- We wanted more, but now it will soon hit us: THE MIDDLE CRISIS!
In a fantastic comedy, an audience favorite RANKO BABIC returns - he too has come to years where men become young again!
The comedy CRIME OF THE MIDDLE AGES is a continuation of Mank Copata’s hit series, which exceeded quite a few records! Now get ready for another dose of an hour and a half of laughter to tears!

Ranko Babic is the Prince of Scaffolding and King of the Home Living Room! :slight_smile: Always natural and super fun! However, he now notes that the midlife crisis is worse than puberty!

URL:- Kriza srednjih let - komedija | Celje - Razprodano!, Celjski Dom, Velenje, November 23 2019 | AllEvents.in