Michael Szatmary: Profesionálny Žid (Žilina)

Title:- Michael Szatmary: Profesionálny Žid (Žilina)

Venue:- Puppet Theater Zilina, Kuzmanyho 6, 01137 Zilina, Zilina, Slovakia

Show Name:- Michael Szatmary: Profesionálny Žid (Žilina)

Host:- Puppet Theater Zilina/Michael Szatmary

Artists:- Michael Szatmary

Date & Time:- Sat Nov 23 2019 at 07:00 pm to 09:00 pm

Show Description:-
Michael Szatmary, one of the biggest and most exciting names on the Slovak stand-up comedy scene, sets out on tour again with his mega-successful special, named Professional Jew.
You can look forward to an hour-long show in which Michael will not spare you and laugh at his stories of the life of a comedian, partner, father, son and Jew throughout the evening.
And how did Michael evaluate his show? Modestly, as he himself knows, “I’ve never seen or heard anything better in my life.”

Joe Trendy will be the guest.

URL:- https://allevents.in/zilina/michael-szatmary-profesionálny-Žid-Žilina/200017951945212