Matti Patronen & Ystävät @Suvilahti TBA (Matti Patronen & Friends @Suvilahti TBA)

Title:- Matti Patronen & Ystävät @Suvilahti TBA (Matti Patronen & Friends @Suvilahti TBA)

Venue:- Suvilahti TBA
Kaasutehtaankatu 1, 00540 Helsinki

Show Name:- Matti Patronen & Ystävät @Suvilahti TBA (Matti Patronen & Friends @Suvilahti TBA)

Host:- Matti Patronen/Koomikko Petri Hankonen/Suvilahti TBA/Vanhat pierut

Artists:- **Matti Patronen/Tuula Kolehmainen/Ville Kormilainen/Fathi Ahmed and Petri Hankonen

Date & Time:- Saturday, October 26, 2019 at 9:30 PM – 11:30 PM

Show Description:- Stadium stand up weekend! New festival, new masks and big favorites! Everything you stand up for in the evening you wish for!
Come laugh as Matti Patronen of the entire People concludes the second day of the festival with a fabulous TBA restaurant!
For several years now, Matti, the winner of the Balance of Laughter, has been trying to make the Finns laugh on such a wide front as to make the weaker.
On the same evening as Matti, the comedians Fathi Ahmed and Petri Hankonen, who have been and experienced the same season of Balance of Laughter, are also ridiculed. Also in the evening are Tuula Kolehmainen and Ville Kormilainen, who represent the younger generation of comedians