"Marika Carlsson" show at Norra Brunn

Title:- “Marika Carlsson Show” at Norra Brunn, Stockholm

Venue:- Norra Brunn
Surbrunnsgatan 33, 113 48 Stockholm, Sweden

Show Name:- “Marika Carlsson” at Norra Brunn, Stockholm

Host:- Norra Brunn

Artists:- Marika Carlsson

Date & Time:- Wednesday, 16 October, 2019, 9:00 pm

Show Description:- Favorite topic / Talk about: Marika is originally from Lund and is adopted from Ethiopia. Her stand-up material revolves around the fact that Marika is dark-skinned, culture-clashes, people’s strange prejudices, adoption, health care. But also the stress of being single and having a freelance family.

URL:- https://norrabrunncomedy.se/artists/marika-carlsson/