"Marie Diot & Bätz | Knust Lattenplatz" at Knust Hamburg

Title:- Marie Diot & Bätz | Knust Lattenplatz

Venue:- Knust Hamburg, Neuer Kamp 30, Hamburg, Germany

Show Name:- Marie Diot & Bätz | Knust Lattenplatz

Host:- Knust Hamburg

Artists:- Marie Diot & Bätz

Date & Time:- Tue July 27, 2021 at 05pm

Show Description:-

MARIE DIOT is a songwriter from Hanover. She plays the piano most of the time and is always looking for the right words and the perfect melody. Their concerts consist of strange announcements, funny stories and mainly melancholy, but also funny songs about everyday life, love and what happens in life. Everything always works out in the end! The question is how. But that’s ok.

BÄTZ - Sometimes the fate of the world hangs by a thread and only the chosen one can save it. We can only hope that this choice will not fall on Bätz! The comedian and musician from Hamburg tells and sings his way into the minds of the audience with humor, irony and a great sense for little restraint.

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