"M**der Mystery Dinner -MX Private Party" at City of Edinburgh

Title:- Mder Mystery Dinner -MX Private Party**

Venue:- City of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, U.K

Show Name:- M**der Mystery Dinner -MX Private Party

Host:- The Tentpeg Murderers

Artists:- Miscellanueus Comics/Comedians

Date & Time:- Wed Jul 14 2021 at 7 pm

Show Description:-

We are Scotland’s longest established and finest M**der mystery company.

Our Mder mysteries are high-comedy farce without losing the need for a clever intriguing plot. Whether you enjoy the Mder, the mystery, the humour, the costumes, the camaraderee, the atmosphere, the intrigue or just the mayhem, there is a whole world of personality in our suspects just waiting to be discovered. You can stretch the little grey cells as much or as little as you like; sit back and enjoy or be your very own Poirot. Although we can’t guarantee you will guess whodunit, we can guarantee the experience will be anything but dull.

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