Lofty Ambitions


Lofty Ambitions


Bankastræti 7 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

Show Name:

Lofty Ambitions




Date & Time:

DEC 3 AT 3 AM – DEC 3 AT 6:30 AM UTC+08

Show Description:

On the first and third Thursday of every month, come on down for Lofty Ambitions, an open mic at Loft Hostel. Each week, a new host will curate a lineup of the best, most exciting comedians Iceland (and sometimes the world) has to offer. Everyone is trying out new jokes or improving on jokes they already know will tickle you. In short, no one knows what to expect, except a good time!

Previous comedians on stage at Lofty Ambitions include Hugleikur Dagsson, Snjólaug Lúðvíksdóttir, Kimi Tayler (winner of best show at Reykjavík Fringe 2021), and Mauricio Villavizar (winner of the Rising Star and Outstanding Performer awards at Reykjavík Fringe 2021).

Show starts at 19.30, but make sure you come on down early to get a good seat, and to get warmed up before happy hour ends at 8 PM!