Latvian comedian. Maxim Trivashkevich

Title:- Latvian comedian. Maxim Trivashkevich

Venue:- Cartel Bar Riga
Torņa iela 4, Riga, Latvia-1050

Show Name:- Latvian comedian. Maxim Trivashkevich

Host:- Maksim Trivashkevich/Cartel Bar Riga

Artists:- Maksim Trivashkevich

Date & Time:- Tuesday, November 12, 2019 at 8 PM – 9:30 PM

Show Description:- Stand-up comedian Maksim Trivashkevich is delighted with the fresh solo program Latvian Comedian, which will feature his latest jokes for an hour.

Maxim Trivashkevich is a comedian with a distinctive and original way of delivering humor, which often causes viewers to laugh to the tears, but his previous show “Humor in Latvian” has given a good laugh and the resulting dose of vitamin C to over ten thousand viewers.