Lasse Rimmer - Less than 3

Title:- Lasse Rimmer - Less than 3

Venue:- Theater PLAY
Strandlodsvej 7, Copenhagen, Denmark

Show Name:- Lasse Rimmer - Less than 3

Host:- Theater PLAY & Lasse Rimmer

Artists:- Lasse Rimmer

Date & Time:- 15th & 16th Nov , 2019 at 7PM onwards

Show Description:- Most lovers are living with problems of the more affordable kind: Who didn’t turn down the toilet board? Who has been the other infidel with a new Netflix series? Who put the empty milk carton back in the fridge?

At a young age, Lasse Rimmer’s girlfriend got a new heart and skipped all the small and indifferent issues on the same occasion. For which sweetheart couple cares about Netflix infidelity or empty milk cartons when one party is in the risk group for a premature expiration date?

In his new and hitherto most personal show “Fewer Than 3”, Lasse Rimmer takes life with a couple relationship problems at a danger level,