"Lady Bunny - Pig In A Wig" at Boom Chicago, Amsterdam

Title:- "Lady Bunny - Pig In A Wig" at Boom Chicago

Venue:- Boom Chicago, Rozengracht 117, 1016 LV AMSTERDAM

Show Name:- “Lady Bunny - Pig In A Wig” at Boom Chicago

Host:- Boom Chicago, Amsterdam

Artists:- Lady Bunny & Lizzo, Queen and Ariana Grande

Date & Time:- 04 Aug, 2021 Wednesday, 19:30- 22:30

Price:- from €30 Up to €55

Show Description:-

The show will feature new parodies of Lizzo, Queen and Ariana Grande, Bunny’s salute to Laugh-In, some brand new material and some so old that only the dead will recall it. For Drag Race fans, Bunny zaps all the queens in her rap debut. Since Bunny has been touring with them lately, she will also regale audiences with lurid tales from the road. Throw in some amateurish puppetry, mind-reading and two original tunes, and you’ve got over an hour of live vocals and belly laughs.

URL:- Lady Bunny - Pig In A Wig | I amsterdam