"Ladies of comedy" at Norra Brunn, Stockholm

Title:- “Ladies of comedy” at Norra Brunn, Stockholm

Venue:- Norra Brunn
Surbrunnsgatan 33, 113 48 Stockholm, Sweden

Show Name:- “Ladies of comedy” at Norra Brunn, Stockholm

Host:- Norra Brunn

Artists:- Norra Brunn

Date & Time:- Thu, 3 Oct, 9 – 11 pm

Show Description:-
Comedy Club have invited Sweden’s female humor elite here for a couple of very special evenings. We simply want to highlight the wonderful women of the industry a little extra.

The entry is these evenings is only 100: - and on October 23 will come Lena Frisk, Ann Gräsberg, Anneli Abrahamsson, Elin Almén, Johanna Wagrell, Pernilla Hammargren and last but not least Malin Appeltofft, who will be the conference. You can of course, as usual, book a table and dine with us before the show.

URL:- https://www.facebook.com/events/norra-brunn/ladies-of-comedy/723973744605393/