"Jeff Dunham: Seriously 2020" show at Royal Arena, Copenhagen

Title:- Jeff Dunham: Seriously 2020

Venue:- Royal Arena, Hannemanns Allé 18-20, 2300 København, Denmark

Show Name:- Jeff Dunham: Seriously 2020

Host:- Music Events today & Jeff Dunham

Artists:- Jeff Dunham

Date & Time:- Monday, 19 October 2020 from 15:00-18:00 UTC+05:30

Show Description:- Dunham is launching his new international tour, “Jeff Dunham: Seriously.” His wildly successful live performances have been filling arenas across North America and the world, treating fans to more of his delightfully twisted cohorts, Peanut, Walter, José Jalapeño, Bubba J and Achmed the Dead Terrorist.

URL:- https://www.facebook.com/events/royal-arena/jeff-dunham-seriously-2020/722668161916264/