Jakub Venglář: Welcome to Iran

Title:- Jakub Venglář: Welcome to Iran

Venue:- Zahradní 173/2 326 00 Plzeň 2-Slovany-Východní Předměstí

Show Name:- Jakub Venglář: Welcome to Iran

Host:- Ja Horami.CZ/Papirna Plzen/

Artists:- Jakub Venglář

Date & Time:- Thu, 31 Oct, 6:30 pm onwards

Show Description:- Welcome to a country that will give you an aesthetic charge in 24 hours that you will feel as if the Sistine Chapel has fallen on you. Mosques, spas, rich houses, bazaars, ruins, underground cities … All this beauty threatens to overload the brain and who has enough, runs to the austerity of the desert or crossing the unknown mountains

**URL:- https://www.facebook.com/events/406677509967372