It's the October 17th Todd Ernst Comedy Show


It’s the October 17th Todd Ernst Comedy Show


Shadow Bean Café & Bar in Munich, Germany

Show Name:

It’s the October 17th Todd Ernst Comedy Show


Shadow Bean Café & Bar


Date & Time:

OCT 18 AT 1 AM – OCT 18 AT 3:30 AM UTC+08

Show Description:

Guys, this is serious. Serious with three Gs.

It’s time to do English Comedy Shows safely at the Shadow Bean Cafe again. A bunch of comics will work out their material right in front of your face. Some are new. Some are old. Some are German!

Since it is a small cafe, we will have a reservation process.

The Cafe closes normal business at 18:00 to reset for the show. Doors re-open around 18:30.

If you are a comic and want a spot, feel free to send a PM to Todd Ernst Comedy Show or comment in the discussion section. Or send an email to todd.ernst.comedy[at] Get in touch with us somehow. Don’t just walk up on stage one night, that would be weird.

One Sunday of every month! 7pm! Get home by bedtime! Shadow Bean Cafe!