"International Comedy Night!" by Vienna Chuckles

Title:- "International Comedy Night!" by Vienna Chuckles

Venue:- Shebeen International Pub, 45 Lerchenfelder Strasse,1070 Vienna, Austria

Show Name:- "International Comedy Night!" by Vienna Chuckles

Host:- Vienna Chuckles & Shebeen International Pub

Artists:- Reginald Bärris

Date & Time:- Fri, 31 Jul 2020, 20:00 CEST

Show Description:- Vienna Chuckles - Stand-Up Comedy is proud to present the International Comedy Night, featuring headlining comedian Reginald Bärris Comedy (USA)!

REGINALD BÄRRIS is an American stand-up comedian currently based in Vienna, Austria. A biracial American abroad, Bärris offers a unique perspective as he blends cynicism and silliness to effortlessly deliver his densely packed punchlines about race, religion, patriotism, his own foibles, and the world at large!

*URL:- https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/international-comedy-night-tickets-110257330644?aff=ebdssbdestsearch