Instant Improv Meetup - 2G+ Entry


Instant Improv Meetup - 2G+ Entry


Stettiner Straße 19 13357 Berlin, Germany

Show Name:

Instant Improv Meetup - 2G+ Entry


800A Bar & Cabaret


Date & Time:

FEB 14 AT 2 AM – FEB 14 AT 4 AM UTC+08

Show Description:

Please note that entry requirements are now 2G + test or boost.

Whether you’re an experienced improviser or a total beginner, this free weekly workshop will get you connecting, learning and laughing in no time!
Improv Comedy is the art of spontaneously creating hilarious situations, memorable characters and moving stories collaboratively, in real time, without a script.

Together, we create a conscious, supportive space where we focus on becoming good listeners, making spontaneous choices, and working together as a team. We empower each other with the “Freedom to Fail,” thereby unleashing our inner creativity.

And most importantly, we make each other laugh!

Because improv involves saying the first thing that comes to mind, it can surface our biases, however unconscious. When problematic assumptions and stereotypes appear in our games or scenes, we take that as an opportunity to learn.

At the end of every Meetup, we engage in a feedback round where everyone is invited to share if something made them feel erased, stereotyped or unsafe, and we discuss how we can do better. In this way, we hope to become not only better improvisers, but better people.

Tickets are free but there are limited spots. Get yours at