Improv TheaterSports - Don't say it friendly!

Title:- Improv TheaterSports - Don’t say it friendly!

Venue:- Theatro Avaton
Eupatridon 3 Gazi, 11854 Athens, Greece

Show Name:- Improv TheaterSports - Don’t say it friendly!

Host:- ImproVIBE and Ιmprov TheatreSports

Artists:- Misc Artists

Date & Time:- Every Friday, until Jan 31, 2020

Show Description:- One stage, three judges, one presenter, two teams. A result. Only one team will win. Only one team will shine. What will be this week? Every Friday the stage of the Avaton Theater becomes the ring for a different fight, a different show filled with suspense, surprise, laughter, and of course with much improvisation.

One group drops the glove and prepares for another improvised theatrical battle on stage. Will they be able to win the favor of the judges or will they be out of the ring? Will they look stronger than the opposing team? With scenes set and unfolding in front of the spectators’ eyes at the moment, only one team will be able to stand out and win the round. But what will happen next? 16 challengers promise to keep us in agony every Friday until the end of January!