Improv comedy class - We love English


Improv comedy class - We love English


158 quai de Jemmapes 75010 Paris, France

Show Name:

Improv comedy class - We love English


Impro Studio


Date & Time:

SEP 28 AT 1 AM – SEP 28 AT 3:30 AM UTC+07

Show Description:

Do you like to practice your English in a friendly environment ?
Do you want to have fun acting and making characters ?
In this class, you will learn to perform improv in English. The cool stuff is that you will most likely make sentences using words that you would hardly say in regular situations.
The class is open to improv comedy beginners, but your English has to be good enough to communicate approximately.
1 session (2h30) fees are 24€.
Limited to 12 attendees.
Caution :
This is not an English class! We are not going to correct your mistakes neither teach you grammar. The instructor is not a native speaker and may also mispronounce some words or say weird stuff.
You’ ll learn more about comedy though.
From the beginning till the end of the class, French language will be forbidden. If you don’t understand or don’t know how to say a word, you may ask in English after the scenes of course. Anyway, you will understand thanks to the context and the kindness of your mates eventually.
About the instructor
Raphaël Schaeffer lived in New York city for 3 years and trained a lot in 2 famous theaters, Upright citizen brigade and Magnet theater, from 2010 to end of 2013.
He’s keen on improv comedy for 20 years and is an improv comedy instructor for a living for 7 years