How to Become a Parisian in 1 Hour?

Title:- How to Become a Parisian in 1 Hour?

Venue:- Paris

Show Name:- How to Become a Parisian in 1 Hour?

Host:- Olivier Giraud

Artists:- Olivier Giraud

Date & Time:- Wednesday, Sept 30th 2020 evening

Show Description:- While the city of Paris is celebrated for its charm, romance, and elegance, Parisians are known for . . . other qualities. During this show by French comedian Olivier Giraud, watch the stereotypes of Parisians—as being rude, short-tempered or arrogant—come alive in this side-splitting performance. Giraud’s spot-on impressions keeps you laughing as you learn how to recognize Parisian facial expressions and use iconic French phrases correctly. Audience participation encouraged! Learn how to become a Parisian during this hilarious comedy show in English French comedian Olivier Giraud reveals legendary Parisian stereotypes through laugh-out-loud impersonations Enjoy spot-on impressions of attitudes, expressions, and gestures of typical Parisians, some you’ve probably witnessed before See why this hit comedy has been raved about by several publications, including the New York Times

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