"Gary Meikle: Surreal" at Waterfront & Ulster Hall, Belfast

Title:- “Gary Meikle: Surreal” at Waterfront & Ulster Hall

Venue:- Waterfront & Ulster Hall, 2 Lanyon Pl, Belfast BT1 3WH, U.K

Show Name:- “Gary Meikle: Surreal” at Waterfront & Ulster Hall

Host:- Waterfront & Ulster Hall, Belfast

Artists:- Gary Meikle

Date & Time:- 04 September 2021 at 7:30pm onwards

Show Description:-

Gary Meikle is back on the road and stopping off in Belfast to play a one-off gig in the Ulster Hall on 04 September 2021.

After his meteoric rise through the ranks, Scottish Comedy Award winner and viral sensation Gary Meikle is back with his second tour show, Surreal! A word that perfectly describes Gary’s last 12 months; starting out in comedy clubs to finishing off in theatres worldwide!

His cheeky chappie nature and ability to get away with talking about anything will have you laughing at things you probably shouldn’t be!

Having performed to tens of thousands of people over the past year, Gary has found a new confidence and level of openness on stage, meaning he doesn’t hold back on giving his opinions, no matter how warped!

The new show will cover topics such as evolution, social media, how to deal with burglars, single mums, bee sex, small man syndrome and much more. Gary is a fast paced, punchy storyteller that finds the funny in anything!

URL:- Gary Meikle | 04 September 2021 | Ulster Hall